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Grow Your Team of Competent, Trustworthy, and Reliable Candidates Today. eKnowID is a best of breed screening technology company aimed to help small business owners avoid bad hires and grow their business successfully in 2021. No Setup Fees. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Our Comprehensive Types of Background Checks:
  • Nationwide Criminal Record
  • Credit Check
  • Driving Record
  • Educational
  • Employment
  • Drug Tests and more.

Who is eKnowID

We’re a licensed P.I. firm used by law enforcement agencies across the nation, and we provide you the ability to run background checks on your candidates, so you know exactly whom you’re hiring.

Our high-tech, high-touch approach allows you to automate each background check for a seamless transaction. With years of experience in the investigative field, we’ve learned the importance of knowing whom you’re hiring. We help cross-reference resumes, references, criminal background, and more, so  you feel confident in your new hire. 

How well do you know your new employees?

Okay, so you have a job that needs to be filled. Aside from resume and references, what else are you looking at? Background checks aren’t just to identify serial killers and ax murderers, you know (although, we’ll watch out for that too). Running a report on a potential candidate pick up any red flags that you wouldn't know from looking at a resume. There are several areas of concern during the hiring process and these red flags can help make an informative and smart hiring decision.

Here are the top five areas of concern:
  • Dependability
  • Experience & Skills
  • Leadership
  • Trust & Honesty
  • Attitude

eKnowID can help identify these concerns before bringing them on board.


Innovative Technology

We’ve developed the following innovative and user-friendly background investigation products:

  • ClarityIQ - First patent-pending Risk Scoring Background Investigative Case Management System for the trusted workforce.
  • RISC Score-(Rapid Investigative Scoring Count) helps organizations quickly interpret screening results at a glance. Our reports can be color-coded to serve as a visual cue on what reports may require closer scrutiny.  reviewing reports a snap.
  • C.L.E.A.R. - (Criminal Link Exchange And Reporting) The first identity theft detection system of its kind.

Compliant Focused

We’re committed to helping you not only being compliant but ensuring your applicant's satisfaction:

  • Member of  PBSA - Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA)
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited
  • FBI Screened Staff  - All employees are screened and trained to the highest federal government standards (FBI Livescan Fingerprinted/FCRA and DISA training)

In the Press

Great experience running background checks, a FAR better experience than with other companies I've used in the past. The service was quick, the technology is state of the art, the staff was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. . I would definitely recommend!.

Melanie Bates
Accede Technology

"Everything I am ordering is with you guys, because you are all so on the ball."

Greg Newton

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