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A Trusted Background Check Provider That Lets You Know Who You’re Hiring.

Grow Your Team of Reliable Candidates Today. You deserve a peace of mind knowing you hired a reliable and trustworthy employee. That’s why we focus on helping you make an informed decision when you’re considering bringing someone new to work in your office. Our technology catches 25% more red flags than other background checks.

Learn About the Different Types of Background Checks:
  • Criminal Record
  • Credit Check
  • Driving Record
  • Educational Background Check
  • Employment Application Check

Who is eKnowID

We’re a licensed P.I. firm used by law enforcement agencies across the nation, and we provide you the ability to run background checks on your candidates, so you know exactly who you’re hiring.

Our high-tech, high-touch approach allows you to automate each background check for a seamless transaction. With years of experience in the investigative field, we’ve learned the importance of knowing who you’re hiring. We help cross reference resumes, references, criminal background and more, so no lie goes undetected. Click on the link to learn more about eKnowID..

How well do you know your new employees?

Okay, so you have a job that needs to be filled. Aside from resume and references, what else are you looking at? Background checks aren’t just to identify serial killers and ax murderers, you know (although, we’ll watch out for that too). Running a report on a potential candidate pick up any red flags that you wouldn't know from looking at a resume. There are several areas of concern during the hiring process and these red flags can help make an informative and smart hiring decision.

Here are the top five areas of concern:
  • Honesty
  • Community
  • Reliability
  • Financial Corruption
  • Liability

Background checks can help you filter out the wrong candidates so you know who the right person is to fill that job opening. Want to receive security, hiring and background check insights delivered straight to your inbox? Click on the link to subscribe!


Innovative Technology

We’ve developed the following innovative and user-friendly background investigation products:

  • ClarityIQ - First patent-pending Risk Scoring Background Investigative Case Management System for the trusted workforce.
  • Collegescreen.com - Background screening packages for colleges.
  • C.L.E.A.R. (Criminal Link Exchange And Reporting) - The first identity theft detection system of its kind.

Compliant Focused

We’re committed to helping you uncover the most comprehensive data available. We hold an active membership with a number of professional associations and organizations, including:

  • Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA)
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • All employees are screened and trained to the highest federal government standards (FBI Livescan Fingerprinted/FCRA and DISA training)

In the Press

I was having trouble landing a job, so I used eKnowID to see what my potential employers were seeing in my background check. eKnowID investigators checked my history, and I was surprised to see false information under my name. I was able to use the information eKnowID gave me in order fix these issues and ensure better job prospects in the future!

Melanie Bates
Accede Technology

Organizations such as eKnowID and Acertiv are tapping into the candidate rich market at a time when unemployment is high, especially in the US, and candidates are taking every opportunity to differentiate themselves by ‘adding value’ to their applications.

Greg Newton

Ready to Give Us a Try?

We want to arm you with the information you need to know your candidates so you can make a smart hiring decision. Try our Free Resume Checker today to get a feel for what we can do for you.